Bri (brimc) wrote,

H.I.M (dont read this)

HIM, everyones new favorite band.

Quick, I heard about them on livejournal so i better run out and go buy there cd so I can be "scene" and fit in.

I have never seen anything catch on so fast in my life.

I wish all you new HIM/HER lovers knew how huge they are in Europe.
There probably the equivlent of the Backstreet Boys here. There on BMG(major label)So if you think you've discovered some new crazy band that you can call all your own, its been done. Skaters have been listening to them for the past 2 years since cky3 came out which had "Right here in your arms" on it. BAM should get credit for exposing almost everyone to them.

Like them for there music, not cause everyone else does.

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